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Turnaround Management

Complete turnaround management support

Effective turnaround management involves several challenges. Perhaps you have already experienced missed deadlines and want to make sure you stay within schedule and budget next time. Maybe you not only want to improve performance, but also take extra safety measures. Or maybe you are dealing with the outflow of experienced colleagues and want to prevent your organisation from losing much-needed knowledge.

As a knowledge carrier in the field of turnaround management, LT Group supports asset owners in all facets:

  • We provide advice based, for example, on benchmarks, risk analyses and independent reviews.
  • We help you organise and communicate the turnaround.
  • We provide the specialists with the right knowledge and skills, from managers to work planners.


Readiness Review & Support Programme

A Readiness Review & Support Programme starts by setting up a workbook where depending on the size and complexity of the TurnAround a programme is mapped out to be able to determine at specific times the readiness of a particular phase in the project and to assess where adjustments may be necessary.

The workbook gives snapshot information that stackeholders provides insight into the status of the project . 

The concept of green is used here, yellow and red per area how the project is doing in crucial areas.

A dashboard will display the overall status and alignment. Based on observations, recommendations are given on how the specific components can be further developed if required.

Reasdiness Management Support has within turnaround management found its way and developed into an instrument that has provided new knowledge and insights.

Risk Management Programme

Research has shown that the more complex a turnaround is, the riskier it becomes and the greater the chance of a disaster.

Our Risk Management Workshop provides a ready-made structure within which turnaround-teams can easily identify, assess and prioritise risks in a proactive and systematic way.

A workshop Risk Management starts with a brainstorming session in which all the major functional groups of the turnaround-team are included. The risks are then prioritised, risk owners are assigned and response plans are developed for the most important risks. Finally, a risk register detailing each individual risk, together with associated action plans, is submitted to the turnaround-team.

The Risk Management Workshop uses the experienced staff, leading methodologies and world-class digital tools to provide a structured format for implementing a holistic risk management process by:

  • Assigning risk owners and initiating the development of robust treatment plans
  • Establishing a comprehensive risk register.
Long-term Optimisation Programme

Basically, with our workbook on optimal project management and the realisation of efficient and effective execution.

However, we expect a need for systems that optimisations from 'better' to 'better'.world class'.

In this context, a rise of Long Duration Target Improvement (LDTI) contracts.

Knowlegde Programme

Tackling a stop efficiently and reducing costs?

The practice-oriented Industrial Shutdown Management teaches you how to optimise maintenance stops. You will recognise pitfalls in time and anticipate success factors of your maintenance stop.

Get acquainted with the key concepts and skills and gain full understanding of shutdown management to make your stop, big or small, a success!

LT Group's approach

First, we jointly examine the scope of your issue. This is where we already prove our value. Over the years, our experts have built up the right experience to avoid blind spots.

Once the scope is clear, we diagnose and plan: 'What's going on?' and 'How are we going to tackle it?' We translate the answers to these questions clearly to your business, so everyone knows what's ahead.

If you give the go-ahead, we will get to work on the implementation. Weekly updates keep you informed. When our work is done, we go through the results with you in detail. Three themes are important here: organisation, feasibility and cost-efficiency. This way, you quickly know where you stand, what you have to do and what the results will be.

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