Jochem van der Linden

Jochem van der Linden

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Consultancy in management issues


LT consultants guide and support our professionals posted to clients. They are also available for advice and support on Turnaround management, Change management and HR management.

Dutch companies are at the centre of a rapidly changing world. Various factors and challenges play a role in this.

In order to keep these challenges in view, LT Consultancy has developed its own methodology based on the Capacity Maturity Model, or CMM for short.

CMM is an integral improvement approach that uses innovative tools. These instruments (tools) have an accelerating and quality-increasing effect on processes.

Management consulting and market research

LT consultants are regularly asked to carry out market research. Commissioned by companies, governments and trade associations:

we map out the market
we identify trends
we predict future developments
This is often followed by a quantitative analysis, using our benchmark database. Curious about the examples? Read more in our opinion articles.