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Maturity model

How do you gain insight into the position of your company? And how necessary is it that the company continues to develop? The maturity model gives an instant picture of where a company stands and what strategy is needed to take it to the next level.

Below is a brief explanation. Want to know more? Read more in the download about the maturity model.

What is maturity?

At maturity It is about the extent to which an organisation is equipped to perform its tasks. Not just the application of techniques, such as maintenance planning and risk management, but also the ability to respond to developments.

With the maturity model, companies set the focus of their drives fixed: cost-, process- or innovation-driven?

The model in practice

First, it is determined where the company stands and where it wants to go. Then, a goal is chosen with the corresponding building blocks. Have a maturity model applied? LT Group takes care of it for you.

Piet van der Linden

Piet van der Linden

Director - LT Group


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